KRtDL Star Portal

A Star Portal in Stage 1 of Cookie Country in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Star Portals, also known as Starry Voids, are helpful obstacles in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They appear in nearly every stage in the game. Near the end of most stages in the game, a Star Portal will appear as a flash of electricity before some space rips open a star-shaped portal, as shown in the picture. When Kirby (and Meta KnightKing DededeBandana Waddle Dee) jump into this star-shaped portal, they will be transferred to a gray area that is slowly being erased by a moving purple liquid behind the heroes. To avoid being damaged or defeated (more likely, defeated, or otherwise killed) by this liquid, Kirby and the crew must move quickly avoiding/defeating all the enemies in this area, as well as using objects such as Heave Ho Blocks, regular Star Blocks and Switches to their advantage. This area can be a bit strange, for most enemies such as Waddle DeesBronto BurtsBlippersGordosCappiesComos and even Wapods can appear in ENORMOUS sizes. Anyway, when Kirby and the gang reach the end of the Star Portal's gray area, they can collect an available Copy Ability on a Copy Pedestal before battling a Sphere Doomer for two Energy Spheres. The Energy Spheres are rewarded to the player once the Sphere Doomer is defeated. So, basically, anytime a Star Portal appears, it is a sign that the Sphere Doomer is at the end of the level and must be defeated in order to complete the level. 

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