Star Wars:The Force Unleashed

Star Wars:The Force Unleashed is a game released for the Nintendo Wii and other game systems on September 8, 2008. that takes place between episodes III and IV. The main character is simply known as "The Apprentice". As the name implies, he is Darth Vader's apprentince, and a secret one too.


Darth Vader was sent on a mission to Kashyyyk, to kill a rouge Jedi. After defeating a ton of Wookies, he finds the Jedi and engages him in battle. After he is beaten, Darth Vader is about to strike the killing blow, he sees a young child with a red lightsaber. He decides to take the child as his secret apprentice, as he is not allowed to have one. Stormtroopers arrive, and Darth Vader kills them. He leaves with the kid, saying "Come on. More will be here soon.

When his childhood is over, he is sent to assassinate General Rahm Kota. After he is defeated, The Apprentice opens one of the windows and Kota is blown into space. He then closes the door, not knowing he survived.

After 2 more missions, where he has to defeat Darth Desolus then Darth Phobos, his training is complete. One day, however, The Emperor spots him with Vader and forces Darth Vader to kill The Apprentice. He does that, and when The Emperor leaves, retrieves him, and rebuilds his body. He then teams up with Vader to kill The Emperor. They do not succeed, however.

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