Starship Mario.


Starship Mario as it appears in a galaxy,


Aboard Starship Mario.


Starship Mario on World 3's map.

Starship Mario is a planetoid shaped like Mario's head that appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. You can use it to travel through the universe. Starship Mario replaces the Comet Observatory that appeared in Super Mario Galaxy. However, it is smaller than the Comet Observatory. Unlike the Comet Observatory the background changes depending on which world you are in. While aboard Starship Mario, Mario can explore the planet and interact with nonplayable characters like Lubba and the Co-Star Luma. Some other characters appear on Starship Mario after certain Stars are collected or after a goal is completed. Like in Delfino Plaza, in Super Mario Sunshine, Mario is allowed to ride Yoshi here, after he saves Yoshi on the Yoshi Star Galaxy's first level. The egg that he is in is on Starship Mario's "nose". There is a room under the area with a pressure switch that can only be accessed by jumping into the large chimney. You can also enter there by going into a door on the "bill" of Starship Mario's cap. There is a large ball of light inside, which is similar to the beacon in the Comet Observatory. Also some books and a telescope are inside too. There are several platforms on the edges of the room, which can become display cases. Various power-ups like the Fire Flower and Rock Mushroom appear on display after they are used to obtain a Power Star. The display cases cannot be penetrated and the Power-Ups inside cannot be used. The Cloud Flower, which is one of the appearing Power-Ups is the only Power-Up that can be used. The Toad Brigade's ship always stays close to Starship Mario. Transfer between the two ships is possible with the use of a Warp Pad. The ship's main purpose is to travel through galaxies and select galaxies to go to. To leave Starship Mario and go to the world map, you must step up to a ship's wheel near the top. In front is a small weight-activated button. When pressed, it sends you to the world map. You can then select galaxies. Possibly if you enter a Black Hole, you will appear on Starship Mario.

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