Stone Spike NSMBWii

This picture is a sprite of a Stone Spike in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Newsmb 1029

Mario runs in World 6-1. Three Stone Spikes can be seen below him slightly to the left (the blue creatures with orange lips/green hair).

Stone Spikes are enemies that appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are a sub-species of Spikes. Stone Spikes are blue dinosaur-like enemies with big, fat, orange lips and green hair. Hence the name, they appear in mountainous/rocky areas. Just because they appear in mountainous/rocky areas does not mean they are common enemies. They only appear in World 6-1 and World 8-4. When Mario and the crew (Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad) near a Stone Spike, they will notice that it is constantly pulling Spiked Balls made of stone out of their mouth and throwing them. Now here is one of the main diffferences between Stone Spikes and regular Spikes. Regular Spikes will throw a Spiked Ball in whatever direction Mario and the crew are in, while Stone Spikes can only throw their stone Spiked Balls downwards. Because of this, Stone Spikes can be found in higher areas and will throw Spiked Balls downwards where the heroes are. Just because some are in high areas (some Stone Spikes are, not all), does not mean they cannot be defeated. Stone Spikes can simply be defeated by jumping on their head, throwing a Glow Block at them (World 8-4 only), firing a Fireball via the Fire Flower, or by freezing them with an Ice Flower/Penguin Suit and then Ground Pounding/throwing the Ice Block the enemy is trapped in, much like with regular Spikes. One strange thing is that Stone Spikes are more common than their regular cousins (Spikes): the former (first) appearing in two levels, and the latter (second) appearing in one. Also, if Mario or any other crew member touches a Stone Spike or one of its Spiked Balls, they will lose a form or die at small form. Players who attempt to jump on a Stone Spike must be careful, for just like with regular Spikes, a Stone Spike can pull out a Spiked Ball when one is about to stomp on it, causing that player to lose a form/die at small form.


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