The Kongs jumping on platforms, avoiding Squiddicus in Stormy Shore.

Stormy Shore is the twelfth level of Donkey Kong Country Returns as well as the fifth level of the Beach (Donkey Kong Country Returns). The level introduces Squiddicus, a huge octopus that first appears in the background. Throughout much of the level, the Kongs have to dodge Squiddicus' attacks, which include the octopus sticking its tentacles in front of the primates and trying to knock them into the water. Since the apes cannot swim, it is required for them to stay on the floating platforms for majority of the level. However, this can be rather tricky, as the weather is very stormy and the water causes the platforms to move as the float on it. Other than Squiddicus, enemies in this level include, Snaps, Pinchleys, Jellybobs and Squidlies. In Time Attack mode, a time of 1:11:00 is needed to earn a gold medal, a time of 1:26:00 to earn a silver medal and a time of 2:00:00 for a bronze medal.


The level begins on a beach that leads over to a pier with a Pinchley and a wooden pillar on it. If the Kongs pound on the wooden pillar, another wooden pillar appears nearby with a Banana. A Treasure Chest with a Banana Bunch in it is at the end of the bridge, and a Snaps, Barrel and a dandelion follow. As the primates head into a nearby tunnel, they approach two gaps, both having a Jellybob in it. The second gap is placed next to a wall of green, grassy turf, with a Jellybob jumping out of it. The primates can climb up the area with the turf, traveling up past a trail of Bananas. The letter K is between this wall and the one across from it higher up. Grassy turf is on the opposite wall as well, which the apes must jump to and climb in order to advance to another platform with the first DK Barrel in the level on it. A Pinchley and some Squidlies...coming out of nowhere? It is odd indeed since Squidlies are shot out of turrets. Anyway, a Pinchley and some Squidlies attack the heroes from here. Three gaps are along the way, each with a Jellybob in it. A small curved pathway is after these pits that leads under some more Squidlies and Banana Bunches. The Tutorial Pig and the checkpoint are at the end of the hill. The letter O is high in the air just before a small gap after the checkpoint and a Pinchley. As they head down a small platform with Bananas on it, the Kongs are able to witness
640px-10 DKCR-1-

Squiddicus destroys the ship before he notices the Kongs, while the Kongs are hovering in the air.

Squiddicus, a giant octopus, destroy a ship in the background. Once the enemy notices the apes, it tries to attack them, destroying any platform they stand on for too long. The platforms after this are made of wood and float on top of the wavy water. Once they cross four of these wooden platforms (one has a Treasure Chest with a Banana Bunch inside and and another has a Snaps on it), that are moved up and down by waves, the primates come up to a trail of Bananas that includes a large Banana Bunch. The trail then leads the apes onto a solid, curved pier with some Squidlies flying above it. An Extra Life Balloon is also floating upwards at the end of this pier, which has some more platforms being pushed around by giant waves ahead of it. Between two of these platforms is a Barrel Cannon floating atop the waves. The
640px-04 DKCR-1-

The Kongs about to jump on a Snaps. Look at that weather!

Kongs must shoot to the following platform when the waves tilt it in the correct direction. A pier is after the second platform that has the second DK Barrel on it. A wooden pillar found nearby makes another pillar appear with a Puzzle Piece next to it in a small sandy area being followed by another pier with two Snaps invading it. Some more platforms being moved around by waves float in the water nearby, and each of them appear as part of a ship. The third platform is much bigger than the others in this area, as it appears to be a giant mast that holds two yards that can be stood on (Squiddicus, by the way, puts his tentacles in the air here, preparing to destroy the mast). The bottom yard has Bananas and a Pinchley on it, while the top holds the letter N. Three more ship platforms follow this with Banana Coins and Bananas (Squiddicus again puts his tentacles in the air at the third platform, preparing to destroy it. An Extra Life Balloon and a curved pathway, which holds a trio of Snaps along it, are located just before the Tutorial Pig and the second checkpoint. Two gaps are after the checkpoint. When the Kongs approach them, Squiddicus sticks its tentacles in them and waves the tentacles up and down, making the apes jump over an even bigger
997764 20100930 screen011-1-

Squiddicus sticks his tentacles in between two gaps, while Diddy Kong stands on a safe platform waiting for Donkey Kong to jump.

obstacle. A wall with some grassy turf on it is just ahead. As the apes climb up the grassy turf, the giant octopus sticks his tentacles in the Kongs' path, forcing them to jump to the wall of grassy turf across from them to get around. Once they climb to the top of the cliff, the apes find a Treasure Chest with a Puzzle Piece in it and a few gaps nearby. Squiddicus, as with the previous gaps, waves his tentacles up and down in these gaps. The apes must avoid the dangerous spiked tentacles to reach a passage leading downwards. The Kongs can climb down the passage safely, thanks to the grassy turf on both walls. Bananas and Banana Bunches line the beginning and ending of the turf, however, Squiddicus also puts his tentacles in the Kongs' way, so the Kongs will have to jump from wall to wall as they climb down. Once the primates reach the bottom of the passage, they will find a Barrel, two Snaps and a Pinchley between them, as well as a sandbag hanging above them.

The Kongs on the mast with the long yard with grassy turf on it.

A duo of Treasure Chests are also placed between the crab enemies that contain items. The Kongs can use the Barrel and hit the sandbag to create a third Treasure Chest that appears between the two chests. When this chest is opened, several Bananas, Banana Bunches and Banana Coins are released. A gap is ahead, which Squiddicus sticks his tentacles in. In order to cross it, the heroes must use the grassy turf-covered ceiling above the gap. Another gap with tentacles moving in it is shortly after the apes that they must also climb over using the turf. Once the primates drop from the grassy turf, evading another attack from the giant octopus' tentacles that appear directly in their path if they continue along the grassy turf for too long, the apes reach a few more ship parts floating on wavy water. A solid platform with a Snaps and a Treasure Chest containing a Banana Coin are between the first two ship parts, which are followed by a large, floating ship mast with a long yard with grassy turf along it. The Kongs must climb across the turf while dodging tentacles from Squiddicus to reach one more ship platform that is located just before a solid floor with a Pinchley, and the Tutorial Pig hosting the third and final checkpoint. From the checkpoint, there is a Barrel located at the the exit of the tunnel area. Outside of this tunnel, there is more wavy water with wooden ship parts floating on it. As the heroes jump along several of these small ship parts, Squidlies attack them. They can bounce on the duo of Squidlies to Banana Coins and the letter G high in the air. The last two ship parts are larger than the previous, and a Jellybob jumps between them. If the Jellybob is defeated with the Barrel found at the exit of the tunnel the apes were just in, five Banana Coins make a shape with an Extra Life Balloon in between them. If the primates continue, they reach a Barrel Cannon that can shoot them into the level's Slot Machine Barrel. Before Squiddicus attacks them, the Kongs must shoot into the Barrel to complete the level.


K-O-N-G Letters

  • K: The letter K is next to the first wall of grassy turf in the level. The Kongs can simply jump to grab it.
  • O: The letter O is high in the air immediately after the first checkpoint. The Kongs must jump from the nearby ledge to reach and obtain it.
  • N: In the first part of the level where the apes must move across platforms along a ship mast, the letter N can be seen on the top yard.
  • G: The letter G is high in the air outside of the tunnel area shortly after the third checkpoint. The primates must bounce high off a Squidly flying by to reach it.

Puzzle Pieces

  1. On the first wall of grassy turf of the level, the Kongs sho

    Donkey Kong collecting Banana Coins with the first Puzzle Piece of the level above him.

    uld continue climbing up the wall just before the DK Barrel to climb to the top of a large structure where the first Puzzle Piece is found. All the apes must do is jump to reach it.
  2. If the primates pound on a certain part of the ground near the first DK Barrel, they fall through the floor and land in a small, underground area where a doorway to a Bonus Room is found. If they enter it, they'll find eighty Bananas, two Banana Coins and an Extra Life Balloon that they can collect within a time limit of thirty seconds. If they can manage to and succeed in collecting everything within the time limit, the second Puzzle Piece will appear for them to collect.
  3. When the heroes reach the Barrel Cannon that floats on top of the wavy water shortly after the first checkpoint, the apes can shoot upwards when the Barrel Cannon is aimed correctly to collect the third Puzzle Piece.
  4. Shortly after the third Puzzle Piece, the apes can find a pillar sticking out of the ground on the end of a pier. If they pound on it, another pillar appears nearby in a small beach area with the fourth Puzzle Piece.
  5. The Kongs should pound on the first Treasure Chest from the second checkpoint to reveal the fifth and final Puzzle Piece.


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