Super Dragon is Yoshi's Final Smash in SSBB. He grows wings and is able to fly freely, and can do about 8% damage by touching his opponent. If no buttons are pushed for about three seconds, Yoshi will start to breath a continuous stream of fire which causes very heavy damage (up to 66%). In addition, he can shoot fireballs, that do about 25% damage each, by pressing either the neutral attack button or the special attack button.. The Final Smash lasts about 20 seconds. At first, the Super Dragon seems difficult to control, but with practice, it can be a devastating Final Smash.


This move is based off of the various powers that Yoshi could get in Super Mario World by holding certain types of Koopa shells in his mouth, or being a different Yoshi color. Eating a blue shell allowed Yoshi to fly, eating a red shell allowed him to spit fireballs, eating a yellow shell caused him to make mini-earthquakes each time he landed, and eating a flashing shell caused Yoshi to do all three, similar to Super Dragon, but once he spat fire he would revert back to normal. The mini-earthquakes are not present in Brawl and Yoshi can breath fire as many times as he wishes. The color "costume" of Yoshi in Brawl does not affect the attack in any way.

The name possibly comes from this game too. If the sign at Yoshi's hut is hit after Bowser has been beaten, it will say 'Super Dragon Yoshi' at the bottom.

File:Super dragon.jpg

Trophy Description

Yoshi with wings on his back that give him the power to fly freely across the sky. In this state, he can spew giant fireballs. He is more mobile and powerful, but the inertia makes movement quirky, so it takes some skill to master flight. Yoshi returns to a normal state after a set period of time has passed.


  • The confirmation of Yoshi's Final Smash is one of the few updates that has been edited at least once. Originally, the first part of the update used to say, "Some people think Yoshi is a dinosaur, some think he's a dragon." Now, it says, "Yoshi soars through the air spouting bursts of flame, behavior reminiscent of the legendary tricolor Yoshi."
  • On the Super Dragon trophy, if you turn the camera to Yoshi's back, you can see that Yoshi's saddle is missing. Also, it depicts Yoshi attacking Goombas and Koopa Troopas with the move even though this is impossible in-game. (Smash Balls don't appear in the SSE.)
Yoshi's Special Moves
Standard Special Move: Egg Lay
Side Special Move1: Egg Roll
Up Special Move: Egg Throw
Down Special Move: Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash2: Super Dragon
1: In Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl only.

2: In Super Smash Bros. Brawl only.

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