Item15 080305 30-l-1-

A Super Scope.

Technique01 070530c-l-1-

Wario using the Super Scope.

The Super Scope is an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It can fire both charged and uncharged shots. It some versions, it is known as the Nintendo Scope. Super Scopes are small weapons however, the Ray Gun is smaller. It always lands upwards before grabbed. It is possible to run, or jump, and shoot at the same time. Whenever hit with a Super Scope's shots, you will be stopped. A charged shot is very powerful, however only three of them can be shot at once. You must think of the perfect time to hit an opponent with a charged shot. It will work if your opponent is on the same level as you and is coming to attack you. Charged Shots can KO an opponent if the Damage Ratio was at 2.0 when you were Brawling. A Super Scope can shoot 32 normal (uncharged) shots ,however, they cannot KO an opponent. They can stop an opponent though.

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