This is a sprite of a Sushi in Mario Party 9.

MP9 Sushi

A Sushi makes its first appearance in Blooper Beach.

Sushis are underwater creatures in Mario Party 9. They are blue sharks with white bellies and pointed snouts. Sushis first appeared in Super Mario 64 as a shark enemy, however, their appearance in Mario Party 9 is based off their appearance in New Super Mario Bros. In Mario Party 9, Sushis appear in Blooper Beach. They appear after the player runs into a Dolphin. They appear on the board behind the player. They move four spaces per turn. If they catch up to the player, they will cause the player to lose half of his/her Mini Stars. Afterwards, the Sushi is replaced with a Dolphin. If the player is near the first Boss Battle Space when a Sushi is the active underwater creature, it will swim away. Sushis are one of the few characters in the game to not have a constellation based off of them.


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