This is the artwork of a Swaphopper in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Swaphoppers are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are oval-shaped, bug-like creatures with a hard blue shell and soft yellow underside. There is a spike on their hard blue shell. They have two black legs, orange and blue feet, angry, slightly annoyed eyes, and two blue antennae. Swaphoppers only appear in galaxies where Gravity Walls are found such as the Rightside Down Galaxy and Upside Dizzy Galaxy, though they also make a small appearance in the Battle Belt Galaxy. In these galaxies, they will slowly hop towards Mario/Luigi. Due to the spike on their head, if Mario or Luigi were to Spin or jump on a Swaphopper's head, they will lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter. So, to defeat a Swaphopper, one will have to wait till the Gravity changes direction, causing the Swaphopper's body to flip over. Therefore, the Swaphopper's underside is now facing upwards instead of its spiked shell. Mario/Luigi can jump on the Swaphopper at this time to defeat it before the Gravity changes again. However, one Swaphopper in the Battle Belt Galaxy behaves oppositely. It appears with its underbelly able to be jumped on, and its spiked head will face upwards when the Gravity changes once more. If stopped by the Co-Star Luma, Swaphoppers will not be affected by Gravity changes, making it easier for Mario/Luigi to jump on them if their underbelly is facing upwards. 


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