Sweet Mystery Galaxy-1-

The Sweet Mystery Galaxy.

The Sweet Mystery Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is found in World 4. Because it made out of food, it closely resembles the Sweet Sweet Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy and the Dessert Areas of the Toy Time Galaxy. This galaxy requires the use of the Bulb Berry as for most platforms are invisible and can only be seen by Bulb Yoshi. Choppahs and Smeeches are common enemies in this galaxy. To unlock this galaxy, feed a Hungry Luma 1200 Star Bits.


Sweet Mystery Planet-


Bulb Yoshi and Mario on the Sweet Mystery Planet.

This planet is entirely made out of food platforms. Few enemies are on this planet. A twisty path can be found here but can only be seen by Bulb Yoshi. The Comet Medal is on an invisible platform. This planet is the starting planet for all missions.

Present Planet-


The Present Planet in its cake form.

When Mario uses the Launch Star from the first planet, he'll see this planet shaped like a present. The present opens revealing a cake. When he lands on it, the cake disappears. However, it is not gone so you won't fall into a Black Hole. The cake is still there, but because it is so dark you can't see it. You must use the Bulb Berry to see it. Choppahs are encountered here.


Bulb Berry's Mysterious Glow-


The Power Star of "Bulb Berry's Mysterious Glow".

To complete this mission, Mario must use Bulb Yoshi to get around. When he gets to the area with the Flipswitches, Mario must activate them all to reveal a Launch Star. After using it, Mario will find himself on the Present Planet. With the help of Bulb Yoshi, he must get to the top of the cake. The Power Star is awaiting there for Mario to collect.


  • Choppahs
  • Smeeches

Planets Visited-

  • Sweet Mystery Planet
  • Present Planet

Bulb Berry's Purple Coin Glow-


During "Bulb Berry's Purple Coin Glow".

After the Prankster Comet is unlocked, Mario must go back to this galaxy. He'll find a Board telling him to collect every single Purple Coin. There is exactly 100 Purple Coins. To collect them, Mario must use Bulb Yoshi to be able to see new paths. If Mario gets all of the Purple Coins a Power Star appears.


  • None

Planets Visited-

  • Sweet Mystery Planet

Green Star 1-


Luigi and Bulb Yoshi near the first Green Star.

This Green Power Star is located under an invisible platform. To get it, the player must use Bulb Yoshi and stand on the platform it is under. Then he must wait until all the Bulb Berry's power runs out and fall to get the Green Star.

Green Star 2-


Luigi and Bulb Yoshi jumping to obtain the second Green Star.

This star is located near the Comet Medal on the Sweet Mystery Planet. To get it, the player must perform a Flutter Jump (while on Bulb Yoshi) towards it.

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