Brawlemissary primid sword-1-

A Sword Primid.

Sword Primid 1

A Sword Primid.

A Sword Primid is an enemy in The Subspace Emissary. They are Primids with a beam sword that has a green light. Sword Primids appear in Midair Stadium, The Battlefield Fortress, The Forest, The Wilds 2, Research Facility 2, Outside the Ancient Ruins, The Glacial Peak, Battleship Halberd Interior, Subspace Bomb Factory, Subspace Bomb Factory 2, Subpace 2, and The Path to the Ruins, The Wilds, and Research Facility parts of The Great Maze. Sword Primids are very different from normal Primids. They run faster, have more health, and also are harder to avoid. Sword Primids also have different attacks. They have a dashing stab. a stab that pushes you away, a jumping stab, a swirly stab when it jumps and you are below it and a few more. Sword Primids are hard to avoid because after a hit (since they run so fast) when you get up you are attacked again! This happens especially on intense difficulty. Sword Primids can be captured any time although they have more health and take longer to defeat. Sword Primids don't have as much health as that of a Big Primid or Metal Primid. They have more health than a Primid, Scope Primid and Fire Primid. Defeated Sword Primids may give you a Beam Sword. If not it is a Sticker or Trophy Base that they give you. You can use the trophy base on a different enemy you'd like to capture.

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