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Speed slash

Speed Slash

Wii sports resort swordplay


This is one of the twelve games in Wii Sports Resort. It is, essentially sword fighting. This event uses the Wii MotionPlus, so the players actions are matched with 1:1 movements. In the first minigame, Duel, the player fights another Mii character in a 1 on 1 vs. sword fight. Both players are stand on a high platform above the ocean, and one player must knock the other off before time runs out for the round that they are currently playing. There are three rounds to win, lose, or draw in but if all 3 rounds are tied,a 4th round will appear but the major difference is the platform will cut,leaving the blue part intacked. The second event is Speed Slice. In this mode the player and another Mii (or other player) have to slice through different objects in different directions before the other player does. The player's accuracy must be very keen because they must cut the object in certain directions to get the point. The third (and last) event is the Showdown. This event is an all out battle where the players Mii must fight through waves of enemies simultaneously. At the end of the area, the player must fight a quick boss, a Mii with three lives (to the usual one lived Mii, or the occasional appearance of a two lived Mii). As the player progresses, they will unlock new places to battle.

It has been known by reaching lvl 1500 in Duel,pressing and holding 1 then press ok,release 1 and press A lets you get a purple sword.Doing the same without reaching lvl 1500 will not work.

Doing the same without or with lvl 1500 but pressing 2 not 1 will change the time to evening #secrets :-)

Wii Sports Resort

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