Tarantox spitting poison.

Tarantox is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy. He is a tarantula who spits out toxic poison to attack. Tarantox has three, wide, oval eyes, suction cup-like feet, wings and an Electrogoomba-like mouth. He also has horizontal stripes on his body and five glowing buttons. Three large buttons are on its underside which Mario must pop. Tarantox is found wrapped up in a web inside the sticky planet of the Space Junk Galaxy. Mario can reach it by using a Sling Pod to break the shell off the sticky planet. This reveals its web and the spider wrapped up in a cocoon. Mario must use another Sling Pod to tear the web and free the spider, then battle it. The battle practices using Sling Pods. Mario must use Sling Pods and throw himself at the largest glowing button (the one on Tarantox's rear) to pop it. The spider will fall upside down, revealing three more red bumps on its underside. If Mario pops all of them, the spider regains its feet and attacks faster. If Mario repeats the process over again, Tarantox will fall through its web and go flying into space, revealing a Power Star.

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