Mario on a Teleporter.

Teleporters are obstacles in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They teleport Mario to a bonus stage, where he must defeat enemies within a time limit. To activate it, Mario must stand on it, and shake the Wii Remote (you must shake the Wii Remote, not Mario). If you are successful at defeating all the enemies, you will receive 3 1ups. If you are unsuccessful you are warped back to where the Teleporter was and it will no longer be able for use. However, if you lose a life by falling into a Black Hole, or being killed by enemies/bosses the Teleporter reappears. There is at least one Teleporter in every galaxy, excluding the boss stages at the ends of worlds. These Teleporters are sometimes hidden from view and you must find them. Teleporters are optional, and do not have to be used.

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