The Cave-1-

Link battling Goombas and Hammer Bros. in The Cave.

The Cave is the thirteenth level in The Subspace Emissary. It is quite a short level, however not as short as The Plain, Skyworld or Midair Stadium. Most of the enemies here are Bowser's minions (soldiers). The level features Amaranthine Gas, huge rectangular-shaped rocks that fall/rise from the ceiling or ground that can crush the player, rectangular shaped platforms with holes in them that come out of the ground, move to the left, and enter the ground, platforms that move up and down and side to side, platforms that fall when the player stands on them, and even a ferris wheel which can all be referred as booby traps.


Pit, Mario, Link, Yoshi and Kirby are continuing their pursuit of King Dedede. This level follows the events of The Lake Shore, in which King Dedede fled away from the group with the Trophies of Ness, Luigi and Peach/Zelda. The level starts in King Dedede's castle, when the group find its interior in ruins. They see a hole in the wall leading into the level. Instead of finding King Dedede and the trophies, they find Bowser and the only trophy of the princess, the former of whom has infiltrated the castle earlier. Bowser barely manages to escape with the trophy by riding on his Koopa Clown Car. The four heroes look on in despair while Kirby investigates a Dedede brooch that had fallen off the princess earlier.


When the player begins, the player must run. He should notice a hole in the ceiling. Do not run past this hole just yet, for a giant boulder about the size of the path itself will fall and roll down the floor. Now, continue moving. The player will find a large gap with a rock-like ceiling above a platform between the gap. When the player jumps on this platform, the rock ceiling will fall (it falls faster on higher difficulties). Quickly get off the platform by jumping over a gap back onto the floor. Now continue moving on. The player should come across two Goombas. After they are defeated, another one will fall next to a nearby ladder. After the Goomba is defeated, the player should then climb the ladder. Jump onto the platform on your right and then onto the floor. You will enter a forced battle against red Koopa Paratroopas, which become red Koopa Troopas when stepped on, Hammer Bros, and Goombas. After all the enemies are defeated, go right and fall down. You'll land on a floor with green Koopa Troopas at the bottom. After defeating the Koopas (which is putting them in their shells), grab a shell and continue moving on. Now fall off the floor and down the gap. A rock ceiling will fall with you. Platforms will help you get down quickly. Some platforms have Goombas. Throw the Koopa Shell at the Goombas so that it defeats all of them. Now quickly jump on the floor before the rock ceiling crushes you. The path is short, for a rock on the ground will start rising. Quickly jump before it and up using the platforms. Now jump to the floor on the left. Jump to the top of the higher floor and continue moving on. Two green Koopa Troopas will fall. At the end of the path, a rock ceiling will fall. However, do not jump in front of this rock ceiling; instead let it falls. This rock has an opening in it. When it stops, run through the opening and jump to a floor with a hidden Door. Inside there is an Orange Cube and a Turquoise Cube. The walls on your sides are moving towards you. Quickly bust open the Cubes and collect the collectibles before their crush and KO you. If you fail to do this, leave behind the cubes and try again until you succeed. After succeeding, exit out the room. Do not move when you are outside, for the rock ceiling is blocking your path and begins to fall. When it stops, use its opening and go to the other side of the floor. When the rock ceiling is back up like normal, jump down and use the platforms to help you go down. This rock ceiling cannot crush you because a gap is below, and will kill you when you drop a little too low. Instead the rock ceiling will push you into the gap. An opening will be on your right. Jump into the opening and walk down the path. Two Goombas will fall to earth near a ladder. After they are defeated, climb the ladder onto a higher floor. Here is tricky. Notice the rectangular shaped platforms with openings on either their middles or bottoms that are moving towards you. To get past this area, let on go through the ground and go past the area where they fall into the ground. Go through the platform openings. These rectangular platforms with openings move in a pattern: one with an opening in the middle, and one with an opening on the bottom. Between the rectangular platforms area of coming into the ground and out of the ground is a platform with a Turquoise Cube. If you can, bust open the Cube. It should give you two Maxim Tomatoes. Quickly use them and continue moving up and jumping through the openings until you get past the area that they are coming out of the ground from. You will come across two Goombas. After the Goombas are defeated, the player should encounter a Hammer Bro. After it is defeated, the player will come across another Hammer Bro near a Door. After it is defeated, enter the Door. You will find yourself in a room with a Key, a locked door, two flames that spout every now and then, and a spike platform that falls from the ceiling. Take the Key, avoiding the flames and spiked platform by jumping, and either throw the Key or touch the locked door to unlock it. Just make sure, however, that the Key does not touch the flames or it will be destroyed, and you must go back and get it. After the door is unlocked, enter the Door at the end. You will be in an area. Begin moving. You will see a switch and a purplish pink gas. That is Amaranthine Gas. It poisons you adding 2% Damage when you touch it. Hit the switch to stop the gas and cause it to disappear. Quickly run to the other side of the gas's area to avoid it when it reappears. Now the player will encounter two green Koopa Paratroopas. After they are defeated, the player should climb the platforms. After climbing the second one, and jump on the third one, you will notice that this platform is falling by your weight, for you are to heavy for it to support you. However, these platforms are not like the ones before. The ones before are wooden, and these ones are brick with green grass or moss on it. Because these platforms fall when you stand on them, it is very difficult to reach the ladder above it. If you suffer to reach the ladder by jumping, double jumping and using your up-special, jump on the platform to the right that is higher than the third platform (which you are on), and then jump onto the ladder. Climb the ladder until you reach the top. Start running on the floor and jump over the gap onto a platform. You will enter a forced battle against red Koopa Paratroopas, two Shellpods, and Glires. After all the enemies are defeated, jump over the gap on your left, and onto the floor. Run up the hill. You will come across a Glire. After it is defeated, you will come across a second one. After that Glire is defeated, continue moving on until you reach the end of the path. A platform is above you and a red Koopa Paratroopa is hovering above you. A platform sticking out of the wall has a switch to stop the Amaranthine Gas next to it. Jump up to the platform. The very edge of the platform will break when you step onto it. Hit the switch. Now quickly climb up the wooden platforms, for if you use the platforms sticking out of the wall, they will break, causing you to be stuck in the poisonous gas. At the top, jump onto the path on your right. Some Bullet Bills will appear and will damage you if you touch them. After the Bullet Bills are defeated or ignored, the player will encounter a Glire. After it is defeated, he will encounter another one. After it is defeated, the player will notice two sections. One upper section has Amaranthine Gas, and the lower one has a switch and two Bucculuses. After they are defeated, hit the switch. Now jump onto the the upper section. Quickly run past this area with the gas. Now move on. Shortly after, you will notice another room with Amaranthine Gas and a switch. However, the ceiling is another one of those crushing rock ceilings! Hit the switch. Quickly run to the other side, for this rock ceiling moves faster than the previous ones. Don't even stop to look at the barrels and boxes in the background (unless you pause)! Now continue moving on. You will come across another room with Amaranthine Gas. Notice the switch in the middle. If you character does not have a projectile to hit it, you have no choice but to run through the gas and hit the switch. When near the switch, you will enter a forced battle against two Giant Goombas even if the switch has not yet been hit. After the enemies are defeated, continue moving on. You will soon come across a Glire. After it is defeated, you will notice a large blue room with platforms moving up and down, Koopa Paratroopas, and even a ferris wheel. The ferris wheel is missing a platform, for it only has three platforms instead of four. More Glires will appear from out of the abyss below. To get across here, jump on the nearby platforms, and then jump on a platform on the ferris wheel. If the platform is at the top, three Bullet Bills will appear. If the platform is at the bottom, two Bullet Bills will appear. When the platform reaches the top at the right, the player should notice a brownish tan platform with paintings on it that is moving side to side, just like the one moving up and down on the other side. This platform moves very fast, even on easy, so you must time your jump, or you will die. After landing on the platform, let it take you to some falling blocks. Quickly run over the falling blocks onto the floor. You will notice a hole in the ceiling with a Hammer Bro below it. After the Hammer Bro is defeated, you will notice another one above another hole in the ceiling. After it is defeated, the player should continue moving on. Shortly after doing so, a boulder will fall from the ceiling and a switch will be on a higher part of floor. However, the boulder will hit the switch opening a gate above on a part of floor above the floor. This leads to a hidden Door. Enter it. You will be in a room with a rock platform and a floor of falling blocks below it in front of you. A Turquoise Cube is on the rock platform and an Orange Cube is on the other side of the falling blocks. First, jump on the rock platform. Bust open the Turquoise Cube and collect its collectible (s). The rock platform will soon fall, so be quick. Now cross the falling blocks and bust open the Orange Cube. Now collect its collectible. After that is done, jump, double jump and up-special to the Door. Now exit out of here. Go get off this platform and move to the right. A Giant Goomba will try to attack you. Defeat it, and enter the nearby Goal Door.


The entire level- Step: The Cave plays.

Enemies Introduced

  • None


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