Save the city of Washington D.C. from space attacker in The Conduit shooting video game for Wii. "The Bug" flu has spread across the region by the means of water and has affecting the people badly. Due to which government servants are also afflicted and the high security regions are left without any government staff. Find out who is responsible for his invasion in this single-player Wii video game and save the city from alien attack. You as agent Michael Ford in this Shooting game must now use your sci-fi gadgets and weapons to wipe them off. Employ The ASE (All Seeing Eye) in The Conduit game to identify the unseen traps to efficiently progress in the game. Fight with realistic AI enemies who make use of the elements in the surrounding to harm you. This Wii video game uses a highly developed 3D engine with superb graphics to give you a superior gaming experience. Play with your own style from the Wii remote in this Shooting game. In the multiplayer mode play with almost twelve players on internet in The Conduit video game. - ebay discription

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