The Gate.

The Gate, not to be confused with the obstacles in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, is a portal in Super Mario Galaxy located on the Comet Observatory. It is a small floating island with a tiny house with an open door, two flower patches, and some Lumas here. It is connected with two Warp Pads: one on the Engine Room and one on the Garden. The Gate cannot be accessed at all until the player defeats King Kaliente and receives the Grand Star in Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor, which is located in the Engine Room. Afterwards, the Engine Room will be complete, and there will be Warp Pads that can take the player to both The Gate and the Garden. The main purpose of The Gate is to send Mario/Luigi back to the Gateway Galaxy in order to complete a Purple Coin mission that introduces and involves the use of the Red Star. After the Red Power Star is received from completing this mission, a Red Star will appear in a box on top of the Bedroom, which can be reached with a jump and Spin or a Triple Jump, as well as by the Garage. There is also a Hungry Luma here that can be fed 1,200 Star Bits in order to access the Boo's Boneyard Galaxy. A 1-Up Mushroom can be found underneath The Gate and can only be reached with the use of the Red Star. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, if Mario/Luigi completes the Daredevil mission in the Grandmaster Galaxy, he will meet Rosalina on a planet that is identical to The Gate. The only things missing are the two Warp Pads from the Engine Room and Garden and the Lumas found here. It is unknown if this planet is actually The Gate. It is to note that The Gate and the Planet of Trials are not considered worlds like the Domes, despite the fact that they contain access to other galaxies. Bowser's Galaxy Reactor is not located in any area on the Comet Observatory and can only be reached by collecting sixty Power Stars and six Grand Stars, then talking to Rosalina after that is completed. 


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