The Great Maze map.

Dear, all readers, Smashbro8 fans and wikia editors, this page, "The Great Maze" is under a large amount of construction. I, Smashbro8, will try and slowly put up all the locations present in the level, the enemies/bosses in it, and the best locations to capture all enemies. This page should be done eventually. Thank You. Smashbro8 18:31, July 9, 2012 (UTC)Smashbro8
The Great Maze is the last and final level of [[The Subspace Emissary|

The Skyworld level of The Great Maze.

The Subspace Emissary.  It is a giant  maze that has every level of The Subspace Emissary (except the Subspace ones) mixed up . The music of certain levels is different too. You must defeat every character except Sonic, Jigglypuff, Wolf and Toon Link. You must also redefeat the 8 bosses in The Subspace Emissary. A door that has a character or boss you must face has black smoke around it. See the picture below this map to see what they look like. Once you've completed all of this you must go to the center of the map to find Tabuu's door and then defeat Tabuu. There are 8 Save Points, four of which you can start at. Every time you save the game all the Koed characters in your team are back and your Damage percentage is at 0%. This is the best way to escape from using a Continue. When you play The Great Maze your can only have 4 players. Once it is completed you can play it over and this time use 6 characters. This is the only level that allows you to have 6 characters. The Great Maze is huge and you may find yourself going in circles. If you make a round trip around the Great Maze and back where you started (Midair Stadium) monster heads shaped like Bowser's face will appear and tell you where you and who you did not defeat. Save Points glow constantly once the map is shown. The Pause button shows the map. The red circle, of course, tells where you are. The Great Maze is an excellent place to capture enemies with a trophy stand. If you complete it and do it over on intense, you can get many trophy stands to use on your enemies. You can get more if you apply trophy stand drop stickers on your characters. Once your lives are running out just go to a Save Point, and save. You don't really have to save but you can say no and still have all Koed characters back and Damage percentage at 0%. Then you can return and capture as many enemies as you like. If you apply flinch resistance stickers such as The Boss and Mother Brain you can last a little longer.

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