Kirby near Tickens in The Lake Shore.

The Lake Shore is the eleventh level of The Subspace Emissary. It is a quite short level having two parts plus two battles against a false character and an opponing team. This level features pillars of lava that rise and fall, pillars of floor that rise and fall, dropping platforms and more.


When the player chooses this level for the first time, the first cutscene plays showing Kirby running off leaving Peach/Zelda behind. After he leaves, Bowser comes and turns Peach/Zelda into a Trophy. False Bowser appears, turns into Shadow Bugs, dissolves into the trophy and forms a false princess. Upon that, Mario and Pit or Link and Yoshi (depending on which princess was turned into a trophy), are seen running along the lake. Up on a hill the false princess aims at the duo with a Dark Cannon, but he cannon is destroyed by Pit or Link, who slices it in half. Pit/Link is then joined by his partner and the duo prepare to fight the false princess. Then a battle starts with Mario and Pit against False Zelda or Link and Yoshi vs. False Peach. After that battle, Mario/Link sees False Peach/Zelda dissolve and mistakes the clone as the real princess. After this Mario/Link runs up the hill and attacks Mario/Link in revenge for destroying their lovers. Another battle ensues with Mario and Pit vs. Link or Yoshi or the other way around. Upon defeat, the opponing team turn into trophies. King Dedede appears in Wario's cargo, carrying the trophies of Ness, Luigi, and Peach/Zelda; the latter of which is spotted by Mario/Link. King Dedede grabs the team of Mario and Pit or Link and Yoshi. When he successfully grabs them, Kirby appears and cuts the arm off the cargo using Final Cutter and releases Mario and Pit or Link and Yoshi from their trophy forms. Then King Dedede turns around and drive right straight into the group. Link or Pit shoots an arrow at the cargo and it falls apart, heading straight toward The Cave. The group of Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, and Kirby run near the cargo, which starts the next part of the level. After that part of the level is completed, the group come upon an entrance to a cave. In the epilogue of this level, Ganondorf is shown in a control room. He then gives Bowser coordinates on where to find King Dedede's castle via computer screen.


When the player begins this level, he will find himself in a battle against False Peach/False Zelda. Items will fall to help defeat the false princess. After she is defeated, the player will enter another battle, this time, against Mario and Pit or Link and Yoshi. After the opponing team is defeated, the player will find himself on safe floor, in which the level gameplay begins. Here has a beautiful background with mountains, clouds, and a beautiful lake at dawn (morning). As the player moves forward, the player will first encounter a Bombed. It will throw its bomb head at you and run away. If you are fast enough, you can chase it, and attack and defeat it. After defeating that Bombed, the player will encounter another one. After it is defeated, the player should continue moving on to find a large and long platform with three Mites falling on it. When the player defeats those Mites, some more will fall. After all are defeated and no more appear, the player can move on. He will encounter another Bombed. After it is defeated, the player should jump on the platform that splits that path. Another Bombed is on this platform. After it is defeated, the player should jump back onto safe floor. A Bombed will be here and two Tickens will slowly fly down to ground. A Turquoise Cube is above here usually giving the player a Cracker Launcher or Super Scope. After all enemies are defeated and the item is collected (if you wanted to collect it) the player should move on and jump onto a large and long platform which is bigger than the other one with the Mites. The platform will move up and stop. At this point, two Bombed will fall. After they are defeated, three more will fall. After these Bombeds are defeated, four Bombeds will appear. After they are defeated, two Spaaks and a Greap will appear. After all enemies are defeated, the platform will continue on moving. During the ride, several Bullet Bills will appear, two of which aim themselves at the player. The player can ignore the first three, but then defeat the two homing in ones. After this the player should notice the platform shrinking. The player can jump off (not recommended though), or wait for the platform to shrink so small that the player will fall to earth. Two Bombeds will walk away in different directions, and throw their bomb heads. After they are defeated, the player should move on to find a cliff. Jump onto the cliff, which is just a few feet higher than the floor you landed on from the platform ride. Another Bombed will walk away and throw its bomb head at you. After it is defeated, the player should enter the Door nearby. The player will find himself in a side-scrolling area. The player should move with the screen. It moves faster and faster as the player exceeds. As the player moves on, he will encounter a Bucculus. Ignore or defeat the Bucculus, for if you get attacked by it, chances are you may die. As the player moves on, he will hear noises from far. The noises get louder as the player moves on. He will the come across an area with four pillars of the floor moving up and down, which were causing all the noise before. Two of them are on ground, and the other two on the ceiling. The player can jump on these pillars, or use them to proceed. Between these platforms is a Bucculus and a Water Jyk in midair. Ignore them and continue moving on. The player will find the path split by an abyss, which will KO the player if he falls in them. Jump to the other side with caution, for a large, rectangular platform is moving the opposite direction you are going (west, you are moving east). As the player moves on he will find two Bucculuses and some Water Jyks. The screen will move a little faster. Ignore these enemies. Now the player should soon come across that treadmill-like thing that pushes you forward. You can either take it (not recommended) to a platform with Mites, or wait for the screen to show the large platform with Mites and jump onto it. An endless (not yet confirmed) supply of Mites will drop from the sky. You can defeat them, but hurry or you may be behind. After running across this platform, you will see some light orange falling blocks. Quickly run across them and DON'T STOP!!! If you do stop, chances are you may be KOed. The side-scrolling screen increases in speed at this point so move quickly. An Orange Cube is on the safe ground after this area with falling blocks. Quickly bust it open and collect its collectible. You will soon encounter another Bucculus. Ignore it by jumping over it, and move on. However, if you get caught by the Bucculus, you will die (most likely). Now move on, and jump to a cliff slightly higher than the ground you are on. You will see a hole in a rock in the background that is curved by a rainbow. Use the jump button as you would with a Door to enter the hole. The player should find himself in a cave resembling in a way the later The Cave. Drips of water are heard in this cavern. The player should move on and fall off his path at the end, and onto another part which encloses the player. Two Shaydas will appear and attack the player with their HUMONGOUS blades. They can charge a smash attack and hit you with it. They have a pink core in the middle of their own bodies. Hit it with some attacks or a smash attack to weaken/defeat them. After they are defeated, part of the floor will split apart and make an opening in the ground. Fall down this hole. When the player reaches the ground, if he fell on the left, he will enter a Minecart. The Minecart will move on and defeat a group of Mites and eventually fall into a lake in the cave. If you want Trophy Stands, fall to the right, ignore the Minecart, and defeat the Mites on your own. At the lake, you will see a platform of ground extending out of the wall above you with a Turquoise Cube. Jump on the platform above the lake and jump to the platform in the wall. When you bust it open, it usually would give you Food. Now jump back onto the platforms. Jump from platform to platform. Some of these platforms drop. These platforms are fatter than the platforms that don't drop. A Feyesh will "swim" towards the player. After it is defeated, continue jumping up the platforms. Notice the platforms going up. Continue jumping up the platforms from platform to platform. You should soon see a platform extending out of the wall. A Feyesh will "swim" toward you and try to KO you. Eventually should find a path on your right. Although it looks like you should move on and follow the path, if you jump, double jump, and up-special you should edge grab or land on a high cliff. The path is blocked by breakable blocks at the end, and a Shaydas will appear. Defeat the Shaydas and break the blocks to reveal a hidden Door. Inside, run across the platforms on the water, until you reach the end with some Cubes. Bust them open and collect their collectibles. Now jump back to the door, and exit out the area. Defeat the Shaydas that appears and fall down to the path you would've taken if you didn't follow the hidden door steps. Here, you will find four pillars of lava rising up and down. If they block your path, wait for them to rise/fall. After you get past this area, you will end up in an area with three locked doors, each higher than one another, a Key, and some two Mites. Take the Key and jump to the third locked door to unlock it. If done successfully is should be unlocked and disappear. If done incorrectly and you opened a lower door such as the second locked door, Take the Key there and jump to the third locked door unlock it. Be careful when getting the Key, for flames will disappear and appear in the second locked door's area. The first locked door has nothing but a gap and a Key. On the third locked door's area, continue moving. Eventually a Shaydas will appear. Defeat it to make a hidden door in midair appear. Inside you will see a pool of water. Jump across it or swim across to find a surprise (Cube). Bust them open, collect its collectible (s) and exit out the area. However, in that area, if jump, you will notice a higher part. Jump up the higher part to eventually find an Orange Cube. Collect its collectible and exit out the area. When outside, defeat the Shaydas that made the door appear (the door does not disappear). Now jump on a higher part of floor and move on to find a path of blocks with one Bomb Block. Hit the red block with the circle (the Bomb Block) to break all the blocks and clear your path. Eventually, you will fall to another part of ground, once again, blocked by a Bomb Block and other blocks. Hit the Bomb Block to break the blocks and move on. Shortly after this happens, you should move on and fall to another part of ground. This part is, once again blocked by a Bomb Block, but one part is covering spikes. Go across this area, and hit the Bomb Block. The blocks will break, even the ones covering the spikes. When you move on, you will enter a forced battle against five Feyeshes, three Tickens, and three Shaydas. After all enemies are defeated, a gate that was blocking your path will open. Continue moving on and enter the door. You will enter a small area with the rays of the Goal Door shining. Before you enter the door, bust the Turquoise Cube that will usually give you Stickers. There is also an Orange Cube here. After collecting their collectibles, move on and enter the goal door to complete the level.


  • During the battle against the False Princess- Castle/Boss Fortress (Super Mario World/Super Mario Bros. 3 plays.
  • Battle against Mario and Pit/ Link and Yoshi- Battlefield plays.
  • During the first two parts of the first part of the level with Bombeds and Bucculuses- Step: The Plain plays.
  • During the cave part with Shaydas, Feyeshes, Mites and Tickens- Step: The Cave plays.

Enemies Introduced

  • Bombed
  • Shaydas


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