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Squirtle in The Path to the Ruins.

The Path to the Ruins is the twelfth level in The Subspace Emissary. It is quite a large level. The level takes place in a desert-like area with ruins and trees, and also has an underground part. However, it is not like a true desert like the later The Wilds and Wilds 2. Most enemies in this level have appeared in the previous levels.


The Path to the Ruins involves two characters- the Pokemon Trainer, who only has Squirtle and Lucas. When playing the level for the first time, the first cutscene begins showing the two, at first, on the edge of a cliff. They then see Charizard fly over their heads toward the later, The Ruins. The Pokemon Trainer checks the two pictures he had of Charizard and Ivysaur, and points at Charizard. Once going through the level, they encounter Wario. Lucas, remembers what Wario did to Ness (turn him into a Trophy and walk away with the Trophy) at The Ruined Zoo and decides to fight him alongside the Pokemon Trainer. They defeat him and high-five. Noticing Wario no longer has Ness in his possession, Lucas starts to feel sad, but before long the two enter The Ruins.


When the level begins, the player will be on a floor. When he moves on, he will come across a Shellpod (two Shellpods on higher difficulties such as Intense). After it is defeated, he will find a Boom Primid standing on a raised part of the floor. An Electric Jyk is on the floor between the Boom Primid's raised platform and another raised platform. After the Boom Primid is defeated, the player should jump on the other raised platform. He will then have to jump over an area of small gaps with many Electric Jyks. When back on the floor, the player has to jump over a giant gap with ENORMOUS spikes. To avoid touching these ENORMOUS spikes, which are probably the largest spikes in the game of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, jump, double jump and up-special. After crossing this giant gap, move on. The player will eventually come across a thin, but long platform. He will enter a forced battle against many Puppits and a Shellpod. After all enemies are defeated, the player should move on. Shortly, the floor will begin to curve, and the player will be falling instead of running/walking. He will land on a floor. Three Primids will fall and try to attack the player. After they are defeated, the player should break the blocks to the right (they are a little higher than the floor you are on) to reveal a path. There are multiple blocks on this path. Above this block path, there are spikes that the player can use to get to a higher part. Anyway, after breaking all the blocks, the player will enter an inner room. A Turquoise Cube is here. Bust it open. It should usually give you Food. Now jump up to a higher part of floor and continue moving on. The player will come across an elevator. The player should press the jump button to move the elevator up. When it stops, two Gamygas appear. They attack with lasers and are EXTREMELY TALL! They have bases with faces and a clown head. You can attack the bases to defeat and shorten the Gamyga, and then attack the Gamyga head, or hit the head until all health is gone to defeat all of it. After the Gamygas are defeated, the player can move on. He should jump over a gap onto a part of floor. A Puppit will fall to earth. After it is defeated, the player should jump over a second gap and onto another part of floor. Another Puppit will fall to earth. After it is defeated, the player should jump over a gap and onto another part of floor. A Borboras awaits the player. After it is defeated, the player should turn around, and fall down the gap that led to the platform the Borboras was on. The pervious gaps will kill the player if he falls down them. Anyway, he should notice four yellow platforms on the way down. Then he will land on a floor and find a hidden Door. The player should enter the door. Inside, this area is tricky. The room is filled entirely with blocks leaving a few spaces with prizes and Cubes, and a large space that holds the door. The player should break the blocks. However, he should leave on block to help him climb the blocks. You see, the room's height is larger than a character's jump, double jump and up-special, so the player has to leave a few blocks to help him climb. By doing this, he can grab the collectibles and bust open the Cubes. After every thing has been collected, the player should exit out the area. He should go left and use the yellow platforms to help him get back to the part where he fell. The player should defeat the Borboras and jump over a gap onto some falling blocks. An Orange Cube is on a platform below and between these falling blocks and another set of falling blocks. Many Electric Jyks are in this area. After busting open the Orange Cube and collecting its collectible, the player should jump back onto the falling blocks, and jump onto safe floor. When he moves forward, the screen will change and the player will find himself in an underground area with a HUGE lava pit. Podoboo-like fireballs of fire move in and out of the lava vertically. The player should jump on the platforms to avoid falling in the lava. After that, the player should jump right onto the floor. He will be in an area with rectangular holes on the floor. Don't stand on these holes, for most of them spew out fire. Hit the nearby switch on the ceiling to stop the holes from spewing fire. Fire Primids will try to stop. The switch activates itself quickly so either quickly defeat the Fire Primids or ignore them. Hit the next switch on the ceiling, for the switch will activate very quickly. After doing so, defeat or ignore the Fire Primids. Jump over the gap and hit the switch again. Defeat or ignore the Fire Primids and hit the last switch. Keep moving. You will eventually come across two higher parts of floor with two rectangular holes that spew out to the side facing you. Quickly jump over these high floors. An Armight will appear out of a large crack in the wall in the background. After it another one will appear out of the crack. Jump on the platform sticking out of the wall on your right. Jump on it and then jump on a higher part of floor. A rectangular hole that spews out fire is on the ceiling at the end and an Orange Cube is below it. Defeat the Armights that are following and trying to attack you and bust open the Orange Cube. Collect its collectible (s) and fall down to the platform you jumped off of to get here. Now jump off this platform and fall down the gap. When you land on the floor, you'll notice a gap with spikes. They look like you should ignore them, but instead go towards the spikes, and jump over them. The gap is small and only requires a jump to get across them. After this run to the left. You will enter a room with a Turquoise Cube in midair. A Puppit will fall (probably the only Puppit in The Subspace Emissary to ever fall in an inside part of a level). After the Puppit is defeated, bust open the Turquoise Cube. It should give you a Stock Ball on low difficulty levels and something else on higher difficulty levels. Now exit out this room and jump over the small gap with spikes. Now head right. You will enter a large room. You will enter a forced battle against many Glires and Primids. After defeating all the enemies, jump over a higher part of floor that separates this large room from another large room with three Trackballs and their tracks. When the player enters this room he will enter a forced battle against three Nagagogs. The player can attack the Trackballs to help weaken the Nagagogs. After all enemies are defeated, the player can use the Heart Container they've dropped (if they have) and move on down a hill covered by the floor. He should jump onto a large platform. The player will enter a forced battle against Glires, Fire Primids, and two Scope Primids. After all the enemies are defeated, the player should jump off the platform and run up the hill covered by the floor. As he continues to move on, he will enter an area with a large platform on the floor that has a two huge bases that have been split apart and two platforms above it. The background is different, and is red and yellow in color, somewhat like a sunset over ruins. When the player jumps on this platform it will rise. It will stop shortly after it rises. The player will enter a forced battle against many Glires and Armights. After all enemies are defeated, the player should fall off this platform and continue moving on. He will find an elevator shortly. He should press the jump button to let the elevator move upwards. When it stops, a Door will be on you side. Don't run to the door just yet, for a Turquoise Cube is on the opposite side of the Door and elevator. Bust the Turquoise Cube open. It should usually give you some Stickers. After collecting the stickers, the player should move to the right of this area and enter the Door. The player will enter a part just like the part before the underground part. The player should begin moving. Shortly after he runs, the screen should change. Now the player must battle Wario. Items will fall to help the player defeat Wario. After Wario is defeated, the level is complete.


  • The first part with Shellpods, Gamygas and Puppits, and part before battle with Wario- Gritzy Desert plays.
  • Inside the underground area with Glires, Scope Primids and Armights- Underground Theme (Super Mario Land) plays.
  • When fighting Wario- Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3) plays.

Enemies Introduced

  • Gamyga
  • Glire


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