Lucas battles Galleom in The Ruined Zoo.

The Ruined Hall is the sixteenth level of The Subspace Emissary. It, along with the Battleship Halberd Bridge, is one of the shortest levels in the entire game, for it only has a boss battle against Galleom. As the name suggests, the battle takes place in a hall.


The plot of The Ruined Hall follows the events of The Wilds (Part 1) in which Galleom jumped into a ruin, and fell into The Ruined Hall. He then encounters Lucas and the Pokemon Trainer. After he is defeated, noises are heard as if he shuts down, however part of his head opens revealing a Subspace Bomb. He grabs Lucas and the Pokemon Trainer and moves upward like a rocket leaving the Kennedy Space Center. The Pokemon Trainer faints, but Lucas uses PK Thunder to break Galleom's arm. He and the Pokemon Trainer then fall back to earth. The Subspace Bomb explodes. As the two fall, Lucas covers his eyes thinking he will get sucked into the mess, but Meta Knight grabs both of them and flys away from the explosion. The ruins and even Wario's Trophy is sucked into Subspace. Meta Knight drops Lucas and the Pokemon Trainer on a cliff where they meet Marth and Ike. Now the five team up.


This level is just a battle with Galleom. Dodge and shield Galleom's attacks while attacking him. Items will fall to help the player defeat the giant boss. After Galleom is defeated, the level is complete.


  • Battle with Galleom- Boss Battle Theme 1 plays.
  • In the ending cutscene, when Meta Knight saves Lucas and the Pokemon Trainer- a small part of Menu 1 plays.


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