Lucas attacks a Borboras in The Ruins.

The Ruins is the fourteenth level of The Subspace Emissary. It is a quite large level that features many enemies introduced in previous levels. It features moving walls, purple crystal-like spikes that come in/out of the wall, a large moving platform that takes the player through moving platforms, walls that move upwards by switches and much more. The Ruins is the level in which the player can get crushed the most, so one must be EXTREMELY CAREFUL, or he will die.


At The Ruins, the Pokemon Trainer and Lucas continue to explore in search of their respective goals (Lucas searching for Ness's Trophy, and the Pokemon Trainer trying to battle and capture Charizard and Ivysaur). While fighting the Subspace Army, the Pokemon Trainer encounters and captures Ivysaur and teams with Lucas to defeat and capture Charizard, in which they saw earlier.


When the player begins, he should move left, and will shortly encounter an elevator (which is so close, that you can see it when you begin). Run on the elevator, and press the down button on the Wii Remote D-pad to let it go down, for it cannot go up. When you land you will find a Minecart going down a slope. Enter the Minecart. On the way down it will defeat Borboras and Floows. If you want a Trophy Stand, jump over the Minecart and defeat the enemies on your own. If you took the Minecart, it will crash into a wall after crossing a small gap. You will fall to the floor. If you ran, you will eventually fall down this gap. When on the floor, you will hear the noises of a moving wall and will see a pool separating the floor. There is nothing on the opposite side of you, so move right. You will encounter a Borboras, who prevents you from going under the moving wall that is going down from the ceiling. If you can, quickly defeat the Borboras and get under the moving wall to the other side of it. If you did not make it, a switch will appear. Hit the switch to make the wall move upwards so that you can get under it. Now at the other side of the moving wall, you will find many moving platforms, Mites and Borboras. Some of these platforms can crush you if they are touching the floor or ceiling, in which you must avoid. To avoid these platforms, if a platform rises or falls, watch where it lands, so that you know when to jump. When an opening is available jump across it. After getting through this "maze" of Mites, Borboras, and moving platforms, jump onto a platform. This platform has two Glires on it and some spikes and a Borboras below it. After all enemies are defeated, jump to a part of floor with some platforms that have spikes which fall to the ground from the ceiling. These platforms damage the player when he touches their spikes. Some platforms have a top with nothing and a bottom with spikes, while others have spikes on both the top and bottom. After you jumped on the floor with these platforms, start running. Some will fall in front of you. They will rise. Don't jump over them when they rise, for they rise fast and can crush you. Anyway, you would've just encountered three spike platforms and will now encounter a Borboras. After it is defeated, jump to a higher part of floor with three more spike platforms. Quickly, get past them, for a moving wall is slowly going down. If you get under it continue moving. However, if you fail to get under it, don't give up. A switch will appear. Hit the switch to make the wall rise. Now go under it. You will encounter a Turquoise Cube. When you hit it, it should give you a Stock Ball (something else on higher difficulties such as Intense). Now continue moving. You will find that the floor is moving upwards, then down in a circular motion. These are actually two square platforms on different sides with two large openings on their sides. They circle a gear that is controlling them. Below them is a large gap that will KO the player if he lands in it. On the gear is a Roturret, and many Floows will appear next to you. Near the top of this large room with these square platforms is a Turquoise Cube (which you will encounter on the ride) that will either give you items or Maxim Tomatoes. You can defeat the Roturret, but capturing it with a Trophy Stand is nearly impossible, for the Trophy would fall in the gap. This is because there is no floor for the Trophy to land on. However, if you stand on top of the square platform at its lowest point, and throw the Trophy Stand at the weakened Roturret (you must hit it to weaken it), you will have a 50-50 chance of getting the Trophy to land on the square platform or fall in the gap. These platforms can crush you with the walls on their sides and above them. Anyway, on the ride, use the platform to the floor on the right. On the floor to the right, you will encounter a Floow. After it is defeated, you will find a gap and will encounter a Floow. Fall down the gap. Defeat the Floow you had just encountered. You will be on a floor with three switches. Hit the switch on the far right to reveal a Door. Fall down to the door and press up on the Wii Remote D-pad to enter it. You will find yourself in an area with flames coming from the ground, many Mites, and a side-scrolling screen. The screen will take you through the area. Break the brick blocks blocking your path. On the very top of one of these brick block areas near another Minecart is an Orange Cube. Break the blocks quickly and bust open the Cube. Because the screen is moving to the side, quickly collect the Orange Cube's collectible (s). Now you will see the Minecart. Although it is available, DON'T TAKE IT. Because the screen is moving, and the Minecart moves fast, you will get Koed if you take the cart, before it even crashes. Instead, jump over the Minecart and run on its tracks. Break the brick blocks in your path and jump over the raised platform on the floor in which the Minecart would've crashed into. Continue moving. Now you should find a part with a platform with a Fire Primid. White lites shine on a purple wall. The platform with the Fire Primid will move downwards. Defeat the Fire Primid. Some large purple crystals will go into the wall. Another set of crystals will move out of the wall. Run to the other side opposite the crystals to avoid getting damaged by them. The third and longest crystal will know come out of the wall. Some platforms will be on your left. Take the platforms until the moving platform passes the crystal so that you don't get damaged. The last platform has a Fire Primid. Defeat the Fire Primid and jump onto the moving platform. Some more crystals will come out of the wall. When that happens, two Metal Primids will fall on the platform. Soon the platform will tilt to the left which can push you and the Metal Primids onto a crystal already out of the wall. After the Metal Primids are defeated, many crystals will come out of the wall one after another. After they stop coming out of the wall, another Metal Primid will fall on the platform. While defeating the Metal Primid, look out for a door on a platform on your left. Enter the door. You will find yourself in a room with many small platforms moving up on one side and down another side. Between the platforms is a platform with a Cube on it. Use the platforms to reach here. After busting open the Cube and collecting its collectible, jump to another platform with a Turquoise Cube on it. Busting this Cube open will usually reward you with a Heart Container. After using the Heart Container, you should notice that the platforms are not moving up and down any more, nor are they appearing. Use your jump, double jump and up-special to reach the platform with the Cube between the platforms moving up and down. Now, jump, double jump and up-special to the Door. Exit out of here. You will fall to the Door, for the moving platform is not here. If you ignored the Door on your left with the platforms moving up and down, the moving platform will soon stop moving and disappear. You will fall to a floor. On this floor, two Giant Bytans will fall to the ground. Right to the left of the Giant Bytans' falling area is a door in midair leading to a battle with Wolf (only when you've played this level for a second or more amount of times). After the Giant Bytans are defeated, move right. You will encounter many Glires. After they are defeated, you will enter a room. As you move, the screen will change. You will find yourself in an area with a long, thick platform to your right and ruins in the background. Jump on the platform to your right. It will start moving right. It will then stop. You will enter a forced battle against four Armights and two Autolances. After all enemies are defeated, the platform will begin moving again. It will stop again. You will enter a forced battle against two Armights and two Borboras. After all enemies are defeated, the platform will, once again, begin moving. It will stop AGAIN!! You will enter a forced battle against two Armights and many Shaydas. Fire will rise and fall every now and then. It can damage you, but also defeat your enemies. After all enemies are defeated, the platform will move. It will stop at a floor now. Continue moving on. You will encounter a Turquoise Cube. It usually gives you two Heart Containers when it is broken. Continue moving on, you will encounter a switch. It will make a wall rise. You will continue doing this as you move on. Some switches are further from their walls. You must quickly cross the walls or you will have to do this over again, or be crushed by the walls. The walls take a while to fall, but they fall very fast. Soon the player will find a switch near a wall. Above the switch are platforms leading to a wall on a floor. Hit the switch and climb up the platforms quickly. Quickly cross the wall. You will find another switch. Some normal Bytans will try to stop you from hitting the switch. Any Bytan near the switch, you must defeat, or it would be difficult to cross the wall. After you don't see any Bytans, hit the switch. Follow the floor until you reach another switch. Hit the switch to rise another wall. Now cross the first wall and use the platforms to go down to the other wall and cross it. When you continue moving you will find a Roturret in midair above a platform with two switches. Hit the switch on the right. It will lower a platform revealing a Door on a platform. Enter the Door. You will find yourself in a room with a switch that rises a wall, some spikes, an Orange Cube and an upper and lower part. Hit the switch. Go to the end of the lower level and jump to the other level. Cross the wall and bust open the Orange Cube. Collect its collectible. Hit the switch on the ceiling to open a wall on the floor. Go down and exit out the room. Go to the very right of the platform with the Door or you will enter the door. Defeat the Roturret above you and jump onto the floor. Now continue moving. You will encounter a Towtow near a Door. Two Shaydas will appear. After defeating the enemies, if you go back towards where the Roturret was, you will find another Towtow. Strangely, THAT TOWTOW WASN'T THERE BEFORE!!! Defeat the Towtow. If you want a Trophy Stand, go back into the door below the Roturret and defeat enemies until you get a Trophy Stand. If another enemy is available, weaken it, and throw the Trophy Stand. If this fails, continue going back into the door and out of the door until you get a Trophy Stand. Anyway, enter the door the Towtow was guarding. You will find yourself on a large platform with statues of warriors in the background. You must fight Charizard here. Items will fall to help you defeat him. After Charizard is defeated, the level is complete and Charizard and Ivysaur will join your team. When you visit the level for the second time, a door will appear in midair right where the Giant Bytans fall after the ride on the moving platform with the crystals. You must battle Wolf when you enter this door. After he is defeated, he will join your team, and will be unlocked, unless you have already unlocked him by other means.


  • For nearly the entire level- Underground Theme (Super Mario Land) plays.
  • During the battle with Charizard- Victory Road plays.
  • During Wolf's appearance and battle- Star Wolf plays.


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