Thugly, as seen in his boss level.

Thugly is a boss in Donkey Kong Country Returns. He is the sixth boss to be fought and is fought in his level, Thugly's Highrise. Here, he is hypnotized by the Xylophone Tiki. He is probably a relative of Mugly because of his similar looks and attacks.


Thugly bears a huge resemblance to Mugly, however, he is found to be purple. He also has hot iron plates attached to his back, a more rounded snout and sharper horns. Like Mugly, Thugly turns from purple, to orange, to red through each stage.


Thugly has several battle attacks. He will sprint, curling up his iron plates with each skid. Also, in each stage, he'll dash with EXTREME SPEED at the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) and make boulders fall when he hits a wall. He then soon gets dizzy and falls on his back. After three hits, Thugly turns orange. During this stage of battle, Thugly will blast streams of fire which the Kongs must duck. After Thugly is hit three times more, he'll turn red and spit meteorites. Thugly can also jump and create a massive shockwave when he lands. Also, each stage, Thugly and the Kongs will fall to a lower platform and fight Thugly with a new color.


To defeat Thugly, the Kongs must try to jump on Thugly's back/stomach (it can be his back or stomach; both do damage to Thugly) when his armor is curled three times. When the Kongs do so, Thugly will change color and fall to a lower platform, carrying the Kongs along with him. The Kongs must then jump on Thugly's back/stomach three times again. When they do so, Thugly will turn red and break the platform making him and the Kongs fall to a lower platform. Now, the Kongs must hit Thugly's back/stomach three times more to defeat him. Finally, Donkey Kong can defeat the unconscious Xylophone Tiki. A good time to hit Thugly is when he runs to the player and curls his iron plates. Another time is when Thugly dashes swiftly at the Kongs and hits the wall. When he falls on his back, the Kongs can jump on his stomach.



  • After the Kongs are blasted by the Barrel Cannon, if the player who controls Diddy Kong shakes the Wii Remote, Diddy Kong will start shooting with his Peanut Popguns.
  • According to the Prima guide, Thugly is related to Mugly.
  • In 2 player Co-op mode, if Diddy Kong fires enough peanuts, Mugly or Thugly will retract their armor and eat the peanuts.

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