640px-Thwomp Desert

This is an overview of Thwomp Desert.

Thwomp Desert is a battle course in Mario Kart Wii. The entire course is made up of quicksand pit surrounded by cacti. Racers will be constantly sucked down to the pit. Even though it is safer to stay away from the center of the pit, Item Boxes are located near the center of the pit. Racers can prevent being sucked into the center by simply driving in the opposite direction of the center, or by jumping on the Thwomp remains located on the desert. If a racer is sucked into the center of the quicksand or hits the center, he must have to be rescued Lakitu. Driving into the cacti located around the area will cause racers to spin out. Occasionally, the Super Thwomp above the center of the quicksand will slam on the sand, crushing players and creating waves which push racers away from the center. For the last two tournaments (October 2008, and September 2009), players had to defeat a giant Pokey by using Bob-ombs. As the Pokey got damaged, its body segments will move around the course. 


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