Brawlemissary ticken-1-

A Ticken flying. If it flies above you it will crash down on you.


A Ticken turning around.

A Ticken is an enemy in The Subspace Emissary. It is a fat, metallic, chicken-like enemy with two bolts in it. Four bolt holes are in it too. Tickens have small feet, however, they make a sound similar to a giant's foot when moving. When they are defeated, they open up, and let out a small peeping chick, that peeps and flies away. Tickens can fly. It's strange isn't it? Tickens appear in The Plain, The Ruined Zoo, The Forest, The Lake Shore, The Wilds 2, The Glacial Peak, Subspace Bomb Factory 2, Subspace 2, and The Glacial Peak and Ruined Zoo parts of The Great Maze. Their attack is a charged ram like that of a Roader or Towtow (on intense). The move, however, has less knockback than a Roader's or Towtow's. Tickens are middle health enemies that don't have as much health as a Greap, or Armank (on intense), but have more than a Primid. It is easier to capture on intense where trophy stand appearances are more frequent. Get a trophy stand from a defeated and different enemy other than Ticken. Don't use the trophy stand yet. Drop it, however, and weaken the Ticken with some hits. Then move far away from it (it must still be seen) and throw the trophy stand.

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