The Tilt Lift is an obstacle in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Mario on a Tilt Lift.

It is found in a few levels. When you see it, it is gray, and is sideways. However, when a character steps on it, the color and symbol changes to the character who stepped on it's color/symbol. That means if you are Mario and you stepped on a Tilt Lift, the Tilt Lift will become red with Mario's "M" in the center. The character who stepped on it can control it. No character can control the Tilt Lift, unless he was the one who stepped on it. That means if you are Luigi and you stepped on the Tilt Lift, no other character can control it. To move the Tilt Lift, you must tilt the Wii Remote. That is where the Tilt Lift's name comes from. You must tilt the Tilt Lift to reach high areas. That is the Tilt Lift's main purpose. When you are off the Tilt Lift, it stays the way you left it ,and returns being gray.

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