Toothberries are enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns

A Toothberry.


Several Toothberries in Itty Bitty Biters.

. They appear mainly in the fifth level of the Ruins (Donkey Kong Country Returns), Itty Bitty Biters, but also appear in the second level of the Forest (Donkey Kong Country Returns), Clingy Swingy. Toothberries are small, blue, berry-like creatures that have a mouth full of sharp, pointed teeth. They attack by jumping up and biting the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong). Toothberries come out of walls, statues and even floors. They get their name, "Toothberry" from tooth, as their mouth is full of sharp teeth, and berry because of their berry-like color. Toothberries also appear with their sub-species, Toothcherries, Acks, and Cageberries in Itty Bitty Biters.


  • Strangely, the artwork of a Toothberry shows it without a nose, but in its in-game appearance, Toothberries are found to have noses.

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