Funky Kong on his torpedo.

The Torpedo, also known as the Spear, is a bike for large characters in Mario Kart Wii. It looks like a torpedo or a blimp that was converted into a bike with an added engine and exhaust pipes. The character's emblem is on the front and sides of the bike. The Torpedo is the fastest bike in the game and also has good weight. All the other stats are low. It's off-road stat is similar to the Flame Flyer's off-road stat. The bike's kart counterpart is the Jetsetter. The Torpedo is unlocked by unlocking 12 expert ghost staffs.


  • Speed: Excellent
  • Weight: High
  • Acceleration: Very Low
  • Handling: Abysmal
  • Drift: Low
  • Off-Road: Abysmal
  • Mini-Turbo: Abysmal

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