A Towtow looking at Pit.

408px-Towtow Asleep-1-

A Sleeping Towtow.

Towtows are giant ram-like enemies in The Subspace Emissary. They appear in the Sea of Clouds, The Lake, The Ruined Zoo, The Battlefield Fortress, The Ruins, The Wilds, The Glacial Peak, Battlefield Halberd Interior, Subspace, and The Battlefield Fortress, and The Ruined Zoo parts of The Great Maze. They can be first seen snoring, and their body is white. When attacked or disturbed they wake up and roar four times. Their body turns red and the eyes are evil and green. If disturbed they roar once and you'll hear electricity. After roaring at players they charge and ram players . They are fast at charging and dodging is a little difficult. After charging once, you will hear electricity again, and they will charge at you AGAIN!! They can be stopped however, by hitting them. Towtows can jump to higher places but the jump is low due to their size. A Roader has an attack similar to this but of course no roaring or electricity is heard. You'll hear motorcycles instead. Towtows are high health enemies along with Greap, Roturret, etc, and need to be weakened even on easy. However, it is easier to capture on intense since trophy stand appearances are more frequent. Defeat a different enemy other than the Towtow (Do it on intense). When you get a trophy stand don't use it yet. Move to that angry and annoyed Towtow and quickly drop the trophy stand and weaken it. Then grab the trophy stand and get as far as possible (the Towtow must be still seen though). Quickly throw the Trophy Stand. Success! If you captured a sleeping Towtow the trophy will still show an angry Towtow.

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