A Tox Box.


Two Tox Boxes in Super Mario Galaxy.

A Tox Box is an enemy in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are huge boxes nearly enclosed, but have a hole on one side. Tox Boxes have an angry face. Tox Boxes have teeth as well. They more resemble Thwomps because of their huge size and angry face. Their holes are colored in red resembling a mouth. The hole is the only way you can escape if you get stuck in it. Tox Boxes are known to roll from side to side. Tox Boxes appear in Beach Bowl Galaxy and Toy Time Galaxy. In both galaxies, they appear on narrow pathways. They appear near Thwomps. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Tox Boxes appear in Stone Cyclone Galaxy. They move much faster. These Tox Boxes have no face opposite the hole, strangely. Getting crushed by any of the Tox Boxes' sides causes instant death in both games.

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