A Trackball and some Trackblocks.

A Trackball is an item and obstacle in The Subspace Emissary. They first appear as pink spheres attached to silver pathways in The Jungle. Attacking the Trackball causes it to speed along its path, damaging and often KOing enemies in its way. The strength of the attack used to hit it affects how fast and how far the Trackball moves, as well as how much damage it does. If a Trackball's track has a start and end, the Trackball will return to its starting point when it reaches the end or runs out of momentum. It does no damage on the way back. If the Trackball's path has a closed circuit, the Trackball will remain where it stops once it loses all of its momentum. Trackballs cannot be hit while in motion. Trackballs are used for two reasons: to help in areas with many enemies, and to unblock the path with certain blocks that only Trackballs can break called Trackblocks. Trackblocks will break no matter how fast the Trackball is moving as long as it is not in reverse. While Trackballs are activated by attacks, there are areas such as the Forest part of The Great Maze that feature "chains" of Trackballs. When hit, the first Trackball will smash into the other Trackballs, which causes them to move at their greatest speed (regardless of how fast the original Trackball was moving). There are a few giant Trackballs in The Wilds 2. Their paths remain invisible until they are struck, and they deal more damage. On higher difficulties, Trackballs are harder to move, and run out of momentum faster, meaning they must be hit with stronger attacks and more frequently to defeat enemies.

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