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A Trowlon lifting Yoshi upwards.

A Trowlon is an enemy in The Subspace Emissary. It has a beak and a pink plane-like body attached to it. Trowlons are quite rare enemies. They only appear in The Forest, The Wilds, The Wilds 2, Outside the Ancient Ruins, Subspace, and the Skyworld and The Wilds parts of The Great Maze. It has no attack at all except go under you, and carry you to the upwards Blast line, KOing you. Sometimes Trowlon flip you over then carry you upwards. Trowlon's appearance is like a loud blow of wind. You will then see it coming which means run or attack. It is best to attack. When attacked it falls to the ground unconscious for a while. When it is one the ground you can defeat it. Capturing Trowlon is easy just throw the trophy stand at it before it carries you upwards. You can attack Trowlon when it carries you upwards but be quick or you die.

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