Peach dodges an incoming Truck in Moonview Highway. Another Truck can be seen to the left of this Truck.

Trucks are dangerous hazards/obstacles that appear in Mario Kart Wii. They only appear in the Special Cup's second race course, Moonview Highway. Here, they can be found driving along the roads with Cars and Bob-omb Cars. Not every Truck in the course is the same, for there are may different Trucks with different colors and logos on them. However, every Truck has the same power. Trucks act as harmless obstacles in this race until they are touched. If a racer comes in contact with a Truck, he/she will spin out and lose an items he/she was carrying, much like with Cars. To make it even worse, Trucks, just like Cars, can also drive on the lane opposite the direction the player is going (heading towards them instead of heading "away" from them), as shown in the picture (The Truck driving in the opposite lane is the one Peach is dodging, which has the orange front and headlights). The only way to avoid being affected when touching a Truck is either to avoid it, or ram into it when under the effects of the Star. However, since Stars appear more frequently when the player is in a lower position (6th to 12th or something like that), the best way to avoid being affected by a Truck collision is to avoid one.

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