This is a picture of a Tsukikage in White Wafers of Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Tsukikages are enemies in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are round purple ninjas who have purple eyes in the center of their yellow face. Above their eyes is a silver piece of armor. Tsukikages also have white hands and feet. These enemies are not too common in the game, however, they can be encountered in levels such as White Wafers and Dangerous Dinner. Tsukikages are usually hidden (even though in some parts of Dangerous Dinner, they aren't hidden) and will reveal themselves when Kirby and his buddies (Meta KnightKing DededeBandana Waddle Dee) get near their hiding spot. Tsukikages attack the heroes by throwing one single shuriken at them and then disappearing. They then reappear and repeat the process. Tsukikage's shurikens can harm any of the heroes who comes in contact with them. However, Tsukikages can be defeated. If Kirby Inhales a Tsukikage, he will receive the Ninja Copy Ability. Tsukikages are the only enemies in the entire game to give Kirby the Ninja Copy Ability when Inhaled. 


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