Brawlemissary greenbox-1-

A Turquoise Cube.

A Turquoise Cube is one of the two cubes that appear in The Subspace Emissary (the other is the Orange Cube). it is more common than an Orange Cube and is easier to find. When hit, it usually gives items, but sometimes gives lots of stickers. Unlike Orange Cubes, Turquoise Cubes are always there in a level even if they've already been hit. That means they will still be there when a level is completed and is done over again. Whatever item you get from a Turquoise Cube you will get again when you hit that same cube. So, if you hit a Turquoise Cube, and it gave you a Super Scope, the next time you hit that same cube it will give you a Super Scope. You will never get a Smash Ball from a Turquoise Cube. Smash Balls aren't in The Subspace Emissary.

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