A Tutorial Pig in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

The Tutorial Pig is a common character in the latest Donkey Kong game, Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is a normal pig who wears large, round glasses. Hence the name, the Tutorial Pig gives Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong hints on how to perform certain actions such as climbing vines, when they first encounter an obstacle. However, the Tutorial Pig's main purpose is to mark the checkpoints in the game. When the Kongs pass the Tutorial Pig at certain points in a level, and lose a life, their Extra Life Balloon floats them back to the last checkpoint with the pig. Also, if the Kongs are having trouble on a certain level, the Tutorial Pig can let them use Super Kong, who can then finish the remaining parts of the level off for them. Tutorial Pigs also appear during Time Attack mode, where it is seen starting off the level holding a green flag. When Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong finish running through the level, the Tutorial Pig celebrates with a checkered flag which stops the timer.

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