Galaxy Tweester-1-

A Tweester.

A Tweester is an enemy that appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Party 8. In Super Mario Galaxy, they are Tornadoes with big eyes and no mouth. They can be both helpful and hurtful. They are helpful, by when Mario performs a Spin he will go flying in the air. By touching a Tweester can make you spin. Then you must do a Spin, to go flying in the air for a while. Tweesters are hurtful because the garbage that flings around them, can damage Mario or Luigi. A Galactic Tornado also appears in the game, and resembles a Tweester with no eyes. Tweesters are unable to hurt the player if no garbage is flinging around them. These Tornadoes appear in the Dusty Dune Galaxy and Bowser's Galaxy Reactor. In Mario Party 8, Tweesters don't appear and aren't enemies. However, the Bloway Candy's logo resembles a Tweester.

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