This picture shows the official artwork of a Twirlip.

Galaxybig 0602

Seven Twirlips appear on the Spin-Dig Galaxy's Bonus Planet, which can only be accessed via a Teleporter. One of the Twirlips seen here has been stomped on by Mario.

Twirlips are enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Their name is made up of "twirl", a type of spinning dance, and "tulip", a type of pretty, cup-shaped flower. You might be able to tell what this enemy looks like and how it behaves without seeing the pictures or reading more about it. Anyway, Twirlips are white, bud-shaped enemies with two angry eyes with white pupils on their buds and green, petal-like leaves on their bottom. At first, Twirlips appear not doing much. However, when Mario/Luigi approaches them, they turn into a pink flower with a yellow circle in the middle and spin towards the heroes, trying to ram into them. If the heroes touch a Twirlip in either bud or flower form, they will lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter. Twirlips, however, are just as weak as many other weak enemies found in SMG 2 (Goombas, Octoombas, Piranha Plants, Elite Octoombas), for they can be defeated with a jump in both bud and flower form, causing a Coin to appear if done so. These enemies can also be defeated if Mario/Luigi uses his Spin attack on them (only works if the Twirlip is in bud form), causing three Star Bits to appear if done so. Twirlips appear in a few galaxies, and can be found most often in the Spin-Dig Galaxy. They can also be found and fought on Bonus Planets of certain galaxies, which can only be reached if the player Spins on a Teleporter.

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