Twisty Trials Galaxy-1-

The Twisty Trials Galaxy.

The Twisty Trials Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is unlocked by collecting 90 Power Stars and completing the Rolling Coaster Galaxy. This galaxy is located in World S. If you've played Super Mario Sunshine, you will notice that this galaxy is a replica of Ricco Harbor's Episode 4 Secret level. However, there is a single Cloud Flower and the Shine Sprite is replace with a Power Star. You cannot use F.L.U.D.D. either. Also one of the spinning platforms is missing. The background has sprited from Super Mario Bros. There are no enemies in this galaxy.


Spinning Platforms-

This galaxy has different sized platforms that spin at a different speed. There is a small resting platform, where Yoshi can be found on the second mission. There is a Cloud Flower at the beginning too. After the resting section are some spinning gears and even mor platforms before the Power Star.

The Spinning Platforms.


Spinning and Spinning and Spinning-

The goal is the same as in Super Mario Sunshine. All you must do is get to the Power Star, without falling off. There is a Cloud Flower, but that is optional, as for the course can be completed without it, By succeeding rewards you with a Power Star.

Cloud Mario heading for the Power Star.

Turning Turning Double Time-

This mission is the same as the first mission. However, it replaces the Ground Theme music with Underground level music in Super Mario Bros. The turning of the platforms act accordingly, and there is a new portion at the end. Yoshi is available in the mission to make it easier for the player. Upon completing this mission earns you another Power Star.

Mario and Yoshi on the Spinning Platforms.

Green Star 1-

The player must grab the Cloud Flower on the third spinning block. You must then use the clouds to get to the Green Power Star, which is directly to the right of the fourth spinning block.

Green Star 2-

Collecting this Green Power Star also requires the use of the Cloud Flower. Try to keep at least two clouds, then long jump off a block where the far end is on the right, near the end. Spin to make a cloud, and then long jump again. Repeat until you get the star.

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