506px-KEY SpikeEnemy

This is the artwork of a Uniclod charging in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Uniclods are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are a common sub-species of Cyclods. Because of that, Uniclods look similar to Cyclods. However, they have a large spike on their heads, unlike Cyclods. There is an aquatic sub-species of Uniclods, known as Bobber Clods, which appear inWater Land. Uniclods first appear in Flower Fields of Grass Land and then in many later on levels. They also appear during the battle with Yin-Yarn, where four of them appear along with two Scarfies. Uniclods attack Kirby and Prince Fluff by lowering their heads and charging straight at them, much like a real life angry bull would. Their goal is obviously to pierce the heroes with their spike. If any of the heroes gets hit by the Uniclod's spike, they will take damage and lose Beads. Uniclods can be wrapped into a yarn ball using Kirby's yarn whip. When thrown, they become a devastating projectile that can defeat several enemies in a row and only stops when it hits a wall or goes off-screen. 

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