Upside Dizzy Galaxy-1-

The Upside Dizzy Galaxy.

The Upside Dizzy Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a very small galaxy with only two missions. It features heavy use of shifts in gravity. The direction of the gravity changes depending on the arrows seen in the background. This is similar to Bowser's Dark Matter Plant in Super Mario Galaxy. Paragoombas are frequent enemies here.


Castle Planet-

640px-SMG2 Comet Metal-1-

Mario near the Comet Medal in the Castle Planet.

The main planet visited in this galaxy. Its outer part looks like a castle. A Warp Pipe leads to the interior. The gravity constantly changes with the beat of the music. The inside of this planet is a series of corridors and obstacles which must be navigated while watching the gravity's change.

Gearmo Planet-

After using a hidden, orange Warp Pipe you will find yourself on this planet. It is shaped like a large bowl and is inhabited by a Gearmo. Mario must burn crates with a Fire Flower power-up within a 20 second time limit. If you complete it, you earn the Power Star.


A Walk on the Weird Side-

Falling Upside Down-1-

Mario falling upside down.

During this mission, Mario must navigate the inside of the castle to reach the Power Star at the very end. On the way, Mario will encounter Paragoombas, Swaphoppers and electric fences.

Burning Upside Dizzy-

Halfway through the inside of the castle, you will discover a Warp Pipe. This leads to the area with the crates and Fire Flower. Mario must use the Fire Flower to destroy the middle crates and reveal an orange Warp Pipe. Entering this takes you to the Gearmo Planet. Mario must use the Fire Flower to break all crates within a 20 second time limit. Completing this rewards you with a Power Star.

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