This picture shows an overview of the Volcano world. The Kong icon is on the world's first level, Furious Fire.

The Volcano is the eighth world of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Like all other worlds in the game, it is located on Donkey Kong Island. This world is infested by members of the Tiki Tak Tribe, who have stolen the Kongs' (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) stolen Banana Hoard. The Volcano is a strange-looking volcano located in the center of Donkey Kong Island. It is constantly blowing out smoke, however, when the world is chosen, the smoke disappears, only to reappear when the player exits the world. The Volcano is, of course, a volcano-themed area. Lava is a major and dangerous obstacle found in this world; if it is stepped in, the Kongs will lose an Extra Life Balloon. Basalt platforms, lava, palm trees and more decorate the Volcano's levels' background. Most features in the level such as Minecarts, Rocket Barrels, Rambi the Rhinoceros, grassy turf, monkey statues, vines, etc return from previous worlds. However, the Volcano has its own features. These include basalt platforms that bob up and down in the lava, structures that sink into the lava, lava waves that push up the Minecart track, rising lava, platforms that come out of walls, platforms that shoot out of lava, Fireballs that move in a set pattern above floors or jump out of lava, rock plates that rise or lower in the lava, lava waves that chase the Kongs and more. There are eight levels in the Volcano plus a boss level. One shop can be found in this world, much like in any other world in the game (with the exception of the Golden Temple, which does not have Cranky Kong's Shop). Also, each level of the Volcano is different from the others because they use different mechanics. Most enemies of this world are flammable enemies. Tiki Tong, who is the final boss in the game, lives in this world. He has a set, dangerous path the Kongs must take to reach him.

Enemies of this World

  • Fireballs (though not considered enemies in the game's guide)
  • Boulders (though not considered enemies in the game's guide)


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