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Waluigi Stadium.

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Bowser racing in Waluigi Stadium.

Waluigi Stadium is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is a stadium that belongs to Waluigi as the name suggests. It first appeared in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, making it a retro cup course. It is more of a dirt bike course. The audience signs with eyes telling you what direction to turn in, and giant mirrors that seem to only have the player's kart in view are among the obstacles seen in the background. Whenever you jump over the ramps, the audience cheers. It does seem like a dirt bike course, doesn't it? During the beginning of the race you go straight, over a hill in the middle of the road. You will turn right leading to your first jump. The audience will cheer when you go over the ramp. Then you will make another turn right leading to another ramp. Since the audience cheers for a long time, they don't cheer for the second jump. This jump has an Item Box in midair. You can catch it, if you go through the middle of the ramp. You will go straight for a while then see a turn left with 4 Item Boxes before it. On the left of the Item Boxes is a pool of mud. Driving through it slows you down. When in this area you will see a giant mirror with your kart in view. After that left turn you will go straight for a while then turn left again. Here are robotic piranha plants that move in and out of their pots. Colliding into them, slows your kart down instantly. There are also Fire Bars (the spinning group of Podoboos). They spin slowly. Star's effect on them spins them completely around rapidly. Go on the left and right sides of this road to avoid the Fire Bars. Then you will make a left turn. It has 3 hills. After going over the hills, you will see Item Boxes, as you make a right turn. This is a squigly road. It has a darker dirt on your left and some small hill on your right. The darker dirt slows down your kart/bike. Driving through this, like the mud, is a waste of time, so avoid it. After going through the squigly road will lead to one giant ramp that leads to the finish line. This is the most dangerous ramp. If you are hit by a Spiny Shell in midair, or hit a Banana while on the ramp, you can easily fall off. If you know what that means, it means you'll have to be rescued by Lakitu, which wastes time. Don't do this to yourself, but while on the ramp, place some Bananas, so that your opponents will fall off, ending up being rescued by Lakitu. After the giant ramp, you'll find yourself back at the finish line. Congrats! You're ready for your second lap! Remember to use caution while on this stage.

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