800px-WariosGoldMine MKWii-1-

Wario's Gold Mine.

Wario's Gold Mine is a course in Mario Kart Wii. The race takes place at dawn (or dusk whichever it looks like to you). Billboards of Wario can be found everywhere! Minecarts have Wario's "W". When the race begins you have a sharp right turn that leads downhill. Down there are two Item Boxes. You'll then reach a sharp left turn. This leads into the cave. Swoopers (bat enemies) fly downward as you pass by. Crashing into them stops or slows down your car. You'll enter a darker part of the cave filled with Minecarts. The carts come out of nowhere (well a black path). They don't have an effect on you when you crash into them, however, they'll still slow down your speed. Minecarts move slowly into another black path. They seem to be carrying gold. You'll then find yourself back outside. After a few turns you've passed the finish line. Like many other course, Wario's Gold Mine is filled with boost pads. They're many more Item Boxes, other than the two downhill.
800px-Warios Gold Mine Screenshot2-1-

Toad racing in Wario's Gold Mine.

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