Mario near a Water Shooter in the Deep Dark Galaxy.


A Water Shooter fires a Bubble in Super Mario Galaxy.

The Water Shooter is a device and enemy in Super Mario Galaxy. They first appeared in the Honeyhive Galaxy. The first type shoots water similar to F.L.U.D.D. in Super Mario Sunshine, but the only difference is that the nozzle is blue while F.L.U.D.D.'s nozzle is yellow and that Water Shooters shoot water in the form of Bubbles. Mario can get in the Bubble and float in the air for a while. He can use them to reach inaccessible places. Water Shooters also appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Here, they appear in the Space Storm Galaxy's second mission, which is based on the main planet of the Buoy Base Galaxy. They were in the first section with the fast moving floor and were hazards (their Bubbles could trap Mario/Luigi and send them into Space, even though one of the Water Shooters can take them to a Green Power Star). Water Shooters in this mission (Space Storm Galaxy) shoot Bubbles faster, but can be slowed down by Ground Pounding the Time Switch. Water Shooters also appear as hazards in the Starshine Beach Galaxy and the Honeyhop Galaxy. While Water Shooter's Bubbles (and Water Shooters themselves) are harmless to Mario/Luigi, they are still enemies since their Bubbles can take them backwards or into their doom (making them rather annoyances).


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