613px-Wendy NSMBWii-1-

Wendy O. Koopa.


Wendy's first battle in the fortress.

Mario vs Wendy-1-

Wendy's second battle in the castle.

Wendy O. Koopa is a boss in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. She is one of Bowser's eight children. She is the only female of the group and is Bowser's fifth child. She has a red necklace, bracelets (unlike the other Koopalings), pink shoes, and a pink bow with polka dots. Wendy O. Koopa is the boss of World 4 (NSMB Wii). In the fortress, the room is a rectangle with no obstacles. Before battle, Wendy is shocked at Mario's appearance. She throws her magic scepter in the air, twirls around, and catches it. In both fights she casts rings from her magic scepter (unlike any other Koopa). After that she ballet jumps after the player before making another ring. When you jump on her head, she retreats in her shell and spins. Each time she is hit, she jumps higher and faster than before. She double casts her rings too. When hit the third time, she is defeated, but goes to the castle. Upon meeting her there, causes Kamek to fly around spraying magic. The place is a small rectangle. However, the place is small, but... wet? Kamek floods the place with his magic. The water slowly drains but repeats. In the castle, Wendy does the same thing she did in the fortress (cast rings and ballet jump). The flood prevents the player from jumping. Mario must dodge the rings, and wait for the water to drains with Wendy's head shown. Mario can then jump on Wendy's head. Fireballs from a Fire Flower (NSMB Wii) can also take her down during the flood. The flood slows down the player, Wendy, and her rings. When the player jumped on her head 3 times, she is defeated and falls offscreen. A key is there to unlock World 5 (NSMB Wii). Wendy survived the battle. At the ending cutscene, she is seen with other Koopalings, helping Bowser get up. However, the castle falls on all of them.

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