Deep Dark Galaxy GATUL 5

Mario prepares to swim through three Whirlpools in the Deep Dark Galaxy.

Whirlpools are obstacles in Super Mario Galaxy. They are spinning dark blue, thin columns of water that appear in the Sea Slide GalaxyDeep Dark Galaxy and Bigmouth Galaxy. Though their appearance is quite similar to that of Tweesters and Galactic Tornados, they do not suck Mario/Luigi in when they get close. Instead, they will push them away if collided into. This can make it difficult to pass groups of them, however, Whirlpools are usually scattered away from the important areas, making them quite easy to avoid. However, in the mission Guppy and the Underground Lake in the Deep Dark Galaxy, it is required to swim through three Whirlpools in order to reach a orange and white ring, as shown in the picture above. 


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