A Whittle standing on a log.

Whittles are characters in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are small, humanoid figures made entirely out of wood. The only exception is a single leaf on their heads. They appear in several galaxies, mostly the Tall Trunk Galaxy. Whittles are a very proud and brave race and even prove it by sliding down the big slide in their galaxy and surviving its hazards. When someone proves their bravery, Whittles reward them with a symbol of courage. They also consider the giant tree at the center of the Tall Trunk Galaxy sacred. Whittles speak with a simplified, and somewhat incorrect grammar. For example their is one in the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy near the first Cloud Flower. It said: (before grabbing flower) "Cloud Step?" (after grabbing flower) "Spin! Make Cloud!". Whittles are one of the species to live on Starship Mario along with Jibberjays and Gearmos, just to name a few. However, to get them to live on Starship Mario, you must complete the second star mission in the Tall Trunk Galaxy.

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