A Whomp.


Mario running from a Whomp.

Whomps are enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are huge stone blocks with angry faces, hands, and arms. They have very jagged teeth since they attack by slamming themselves into the ground. Whomps are minions of Bowser and the Whomp King. Whomps tend to resemble Thwomps. On their backs is the same symbol on the Ground Pound Switch, marking their weakspot. When they slam down to the ground, and you Ground Pound the mark on their back, they are defeated. If a Whomp slams down on you, you are dead, even if you used a Life Shroom (possibly). Whomps appear in the Throwback Galaxy. Although that is the only galaxy they appear in, they are still very rare in the galaxy. There are about two Whomps, a regular Whomp and the Whomp King.

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