King Whomp-1-

Whomp King as he appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


The Whomp King standing high above Mario.

The Whomp King is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is the king of all Whomps and Whimps. Whomp King appears in the Throwback Galaxy. At the top of the Fortress is a normal Whomp. After defeating the Whomp, the entrance door on the bottom (which has Bowser's face on it) will open a pathway leading to the Whomp King. He gives off a speech before the battle and is the only boss who does this. He says "It makes me so mad! We build your houses, you castles. We pave your roads, and still you walk all over us. Do you ever say thank you? No! Well, you're not going to wipe your feet on me! I think I'll crush you just for fun! Do you have a problem with that? Just try to Ground Pound the Whomp King! Ha!". When he attempts to crush Mario, the attack will create a shockwave when he hits the ground. The attack paralyzes Mario (like Roy Koopa's or Morton Koopa Jr's pounds in New Super Mario Bros. Wii) if he doesn't jump at the correct time. He will also stomp his foot to produce several Whimps that chase Mario. If the Whomp king crushes Mario, Mario is dead, no matter how much health he had, or even if you used a Life Shroom. To defeat the Whomp King you must ground pound the mark on his back three times. When he is defeated he says "Dang It!" before he disappears. If you battle the Whomp King, die, and reappear at the Whomp King (without exiting the galaxy) he will say "It makes me so mad! We build your houses, your castles, your--Aargh! I'm tired of this speech!". He probably says that because it said the speech over again in previous games.

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